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Project ONYX makes software development accessible and cost-efficient to all through the practices of Test Driven Development and the Ethereum network.

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PROJECT ONYX makes software development simple and accessible through the Ethereum Blockchain.

Outsource to the Blockchain

ONYX enables you to streamline software development by sending well defined implementation tasks to be completed by an army of coders that are on the ONYX network. This allows you to pass off tasks that are too difficult, menial, or time consuming and focus on tasks that you want to do instead!

Distributed Test Driven Development

ONYX works by utilizing test driven development's ideology that code can be specified by what it should do instead of how it does it. By creating thorough tests for the functions you want, you can fully specify the implentation that is expected. Then any coder on the ONYX network can complete the implementation and easily verify that it is done correctly using the tests.

Save Money and Time

By offloading implementation work to the ONYX network, you can avoid doing simple implementation tasks and work on the more involved tasks of architecting and designing large, world changing software systems! A few talented engineers can do the work that would usually require dozens of engineers. This saves both time and money!

All Powered By Ethereum Smart Contracts

How does it work?

The PROJECT ONYX Ecosystem

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Uses for Everyone!

Large Software Companies

Large companies can do more work with fewer employees while spending less money!

Talented Engineers

Engineers can make extra cash by fulfilling requests on the ONYX network. Since there is no long term commitment, work only when you want to. And since you get to choose what you want to code, never work on something you don't want to ever again!

Small Startups

Small startups with only a few employees can now have access to the same large workforce as larger companies thereby fueling growth and success faster than ever!


Anybody with a few CPU cycles to spare can make extra cash by acting as a Validator and verifying that the code from the Engineers indeed does pass all the test cases. This process will be highly automated so anybody can do it, not just the technically inclined!


Meet the Team

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Zain Admani

Founder / Lead Developer

Zain Admani is a software engineer that recently graduated with a MS and BS in Computer Science and BS in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin. After focusing on Deep Learning and AI in his research, he discovered Ethereum and the paradigm of decentralized computing in late 2016 and quickly understood how it stood to change the entire computing landscape. After gaining experience as a software engineer from Intel and IBM Watson and understanding the pain points that engineers’ face, he thought up of ONYX to smooth out the process of Software Engineering. Zain is the lead developer and chief executive officer of Project ONYX.

Kevin Jiang

Product Manager

Kevin Jiang is a Product Manager working at on the Job Search Front End team. He graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a double major in Management Information Systems and Business Honors with a minor in Computer Science. Since early 2016, he has been following the blockchain scene and studied Ethereum’s recent surge in growth and adoption. With an understanding that quality and execution is critical in any initiative’s long-term success, he will provide product direction in ONYX’s core features and UI development.

Richard Huynh


Richard Huynh is currently working at Trend Micro TippingPoint as a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer/Software Developer in Test (SDET). He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Management Information Systems and a Certificate in the Elements of Computer Science. His previous experience was at Intel as a Project Management intern and as a full-stack, web applications developer. Richard began following Ethereum and blockchain technology in early 2017. With Richard’s experience in cross-functional teams as a QA representative and software development, he will bring an SDET’s perspective to the team to help build ONYX in areas such as back-end logic and User Experience.

Eric Nam


Eric Nam is a software developer who currently works as a full stack developer at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Management Information Systems and a Certificate in the Elements of Computer Science.

Neel Patel

Financial / Corporate Manager

Neel Patel is a recent graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accountancy and is currently a C.P.A. candidate. He has work experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers and will be on board to manage finances, business planning, and corporate management. Neel will be focused on navigating the complicated and developing financial and corporate landscape in the United States.

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